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Are you available the entire year?


Wise Tax Services is not just a seasonal company. We do have a heavy season and have increased hours to accomodate the primary tax time. When the primary tax season is over our business hours are reduced, however, we are accessible throughout the entire year.

What do you specialize in?


Small Business, Transportation Industry, Real Estate Industry and more.


Wise Tax Services is a family oriented business, specializing in family tax preparation because the ever changing dynamics of family has a major impact on tax returns.


As your family changes so does your filing status, deductions, credits and more when filing your personal tax return with the IRS or your state department of revenue. Wise Tax Services is passionate about helping families navigate the tax code at every new milestone their family reaches whether its newly married, new baby, new house, divorce, single parent, adoption, caring for an elderly parent, college, career change, military, retirement or death.

What area do you service?


Wise Tax Services physically services the Georgia cities of Savannah, Hinesville, Richmond Hill, Fort Stewart, Jesup, Pooler and surrounding areas, however, through the power of technology we provide virtual services nationwide. We have clients throughout the entire United States. Clients are able to fax, scan, email, mail, or deliver documents through secure cloud based software. Utilizing our virtual services is easy, seamless and convenient for our clients.

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