Moving Expenses Deduction Test

Moving Expenses Distance Test.gif

Can you deduct your moving expenses? Yes, but first you must meet 3 requirements.

1. Your move is closely related to the start of your work

2. You meet the distance test (follow the image above to determine if you pass)

3. You meet the time test as shown below:

Satisfying the Time Test for Employees and Self-Employed Persons

IF you are... THEN you satisfy the time test by meeting the...

an employee 39-week test for employees.

self-employed 78-week test for self-employed persons.

both self-employed and an employee at the same 78-week test for a self-employed person or the 39-week time test for an employee. Your principal place of work

determines which applies.

both self-employed and an employee, but unable to 78-week test for self-employed persons.

satisfy the 39-week test for employees

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