What to do after filing a tax return extension


.....Here are some tips to help you keep your tax return on track, now that you’ve filed for a tax extension:

Do as much as you can on your return

If you haven’t already, prepare as much of your return as you can now.

If you’re waiting for information from someone else, make an estimate.

Mark estimated amounts as such on your return, so you’ll be sure to go back to them later.

Keep track of your tax notes

As you prepare your return, you should keep a notebook or list on your computer of tax items you still need (use a tax return checklist), questions you have, and how you arrived at amounts and other information you enter on your return.

As you find the information you need, you can check it off the list.

Be sure to jot down how you arrived at items, such as the square footage of your office, how many days you spent at a vacation rental you own, or the amount you spent supporting a relative who does not live with you.

Keep these notes with your tax return.

If the IRS ever questions anything on your return, your notes can help you explain where you got your information.

Keep your tax documents organized

Before you file your tax documents, take a few minutes to arrange them so they’re easy to get back to.

Make notes on credit card statements, receipts, and so on as necessary.

Place check marks on tax documents to indicate the information you have already entered on your tax return.

A little attention now will save you from starting all over when you get back to working on your return.

Finish up as soon as possible

You’ll enjoy summer vacation more if you know you’ve already filed your tax return.

This is especially true if you’re worried about it, or if you aren’t really sure if you’ll owe more tax when you actually file. When you’re finishing your return, don’t forget to enter any payments you made when filing your April 15 extension. Don’t keep holding onto your return.....

(original article by Sally Herigstad can be found at http://blog.taxact.com/after-filing-a-tax-extension/)

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